Wheaton Weather

DSC00971N9ABF has been providing LIVE weather information from our Davis Vantage Pro2 to Wheaton, IL residents and Weather Enthusiasts since 2008.  Located near the DuPage County Complex in Wheaton our Personal Weather Station (PWS) is in operation 24/7.  Our stations data is collected by many organizations like Weather Underground and may be used by anyone as long as credit is given to us.

Data from our PWS is very accurate and its quality is checked constantly by MADIS.  We are a member of the Citizen Weather Observer Program ( CWOP ) and our stations ID is D1938.  Our Weather data quality report for D1938 may be found here.

We recommend the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station (Wireless) if you are thinking about owning your own weather station. Ours has been in service since 2008 with no problems. It requires very little maintenance and is very reliable.

Current National Weather Service Radar (KLOT) for Northeast Illinois